Marja van Putten (NL) und Wim Vonk (NL)

Marja van Putten

11. - 28. August 2011

Installationen, Malerei, Performance

Vernissage: 11. August 2011
18.00 Uhr mit einem Konzert von J.C. Hood und
18.20 Uhr Tanzperformance mit "Innocent Spears" Dagmar Chittka & Daniel Stettler
18.50 Uhr Eröffnungsrede Klaas de Jonge und Marjan Bevelander
19.30 Uhr Offizielle Eröffnung. Das Werk "Wir fahren nach Köln" von MARJA VAN PUTTEN wird enthüllt.

Performances finden jedes Wochende zu unterschiedlichen Zeiten statt (abhängig vom Wetter).
Slam Poetry, Musiker und anderes: hier finden sie das aktuelle Programm.

Finissage am 28. August mit einer Performance von Cris Revon www.revon.de
Ausstellungsdauer 11.-28. August 2011
Öffnungszeiten: Do-Fr 12-21.30 Uhr und Sa-So 12-22 Uhr

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Über die Künstler:
Marja van Putten
Born in Rotterdam 1956lives in Amsterdam and works in Weesp (NH)
Webdesigner autodidact
Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam 1985-1990
Gymnasium A Rotterdam 1976
Experience and Art ProjectsWorking as an artist since 1990 making paintings and digital prints
Pioneer and Organization artist initiative Digt_paint 2001-2008
Assistant Armando Bronze Sculptures 1997-2008
Owner of Arttrust webdesign 2002-now
Pioneer Polaroid artist network with Sabina Woerner
Teaching painting and drawing non-professional and professional groups 1996-2006
Assistant Qualitative Marketing Research 1994-2003
Organizing and participating in lots of exhibitions since 1990
In my paintings and prints I am searching for an unconscious image. I use the properties of paint and computer and all kinds of material to reveal this hidden meaning. I like to find the boundaries of the material and to mix materials that can't be mixed... the contradiction of contemporary painting.
I use paint like a sculptor: I am molding the material to get form out of the substance. Out of that process unexpected things pop-up in many ways. In this way I try to attack my prejudiced thoughts about the way I set up a composition and also about a meaning, a content.
The associations build up the content of a certain painting and tell me where it is about... In this process a real conversation can start between the painting and me... that's where I am really interested in. That is what I trust as a source for true images.


Wim Vonk


Wim Vonk
born in Amsterdam 1950
lives in Amsterdam and works in Weesp (NH)
Grafikskolan at The Kungl. Akademien Skepsholmen Stockholm (S) 1970-1972
studied (colour) etching and lithography.
Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam 1967-1972
Ulo III Certificate St.Michael MULO in Amsterdam Osdorp 1963-1966
Experience and Art Projects
Assistant-soundengineer at the NOS (Dutch Radio and Television Organisation) 1973-1974
Teacher/Professor at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie at Amsterdam 1980 till now
Teacher/Professor at Art academy in Madrid, study Goya with prof. Carmen Carrido, Spain
Teacher/Professor at St. Albans University, Hertfordshire, UK
Visiting Fellow  at Teeside University, Middlesborough, UK
Head of painting department 1985-1997Owner of project Schottenburg (artist initiative) 1982-1986
European Fine Arts symposium Leeds 1994
Coordinator for many international Student Exchanges, England, Sweden, China, Spain
Digt_paint artist initiative 2005-2008
Assistant Armando Bronze Sculptures 2004-2008
Organizing and participating in lots of exhibitions since 1968
Not just in my Art, but also in my teaching over the last 25 years at one of the most prestigious Art Schools in Holland, the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, I have tried to show that making (Serious) Contempary Art can also be playful, whimsical even..........
This gave me a freedom that I practice in my sculptures. As a sculptor I am an autodidact, learned myself throughout the years trying to make my drawings 3D.
I am unlimited in my choice of material that emerged out of my curiosity for everything and anything.
This open attitude makes me as a child discovering every day new possibilities to expand my toolbox.